Higher-quality Deals,
Higher-quality Returns

With a wide range of opportunities for interested investors, STV has a variety of flexible and prosperous partnership programs.

Hundreds of Multifamily Units, Projects, and Developments Completed, Managed, and Sold

40%-80% in Returns for Partners

Multi-state Portfolio of Units & Projects

Trusted Multifamily Real Estate Partner

With our Capital Partner Program, you have the opportunity to become a valued partner. As part of this program, you can secure assets once construction is completed, granting you the advantage of partnering in ready-to-go properties. Moreover, through the pre-deployment of capital, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on finished assets, optimizing your ownership potential.

For those seeking to develop from the ground up, we offer the option to purchase permit-ready multi-family land.

Additionally, if you already own land suitable for multifamily development, we are more than willing to buy it from you or collaborate as partners to bring your vision to life. Join us today and take the next step towards a successful and rewarding journey.

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How a Partnership Works

The structure is simple and streamlined with 4 steps. 

  • Finding the Property – STV finds and entitles multi-family property in areas of interest
  • Financial Contribution – The Capital Partner makes financial contributions to the partnership in exchange for ownership and targeted returns in the development
  • Project Construction – STV manages a great construction company during the project and handles any required lease-up or sales
  • Sale or Refinance – Upon completion, the project is either sold or refinanced as directed by a partner vote

Ownership Distributions

The ownership for any given JV project is allocated as follows:

  • Summa Terra: 35-50%
  • Capital Partners: 35-60%
  • Construction Loan Signer: 12%

The above roles can be filled by multiple parties or by one individual.

Typically, returns end up being weighted for a 40% – 80% return depending on the project and initial Capital Partner contribution. The initial contribution is returned to the Capital Partner prior to any profits being distributed to the partners. 

Expand your opportunities

Embark as a Capital Partner with STV and Unlock the Potential for Enduring Returns on Multifamily Assets.

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