Additional Services

We are Experts from Start to Finish

Save time, save money, and have a reliable partner to lean on throughout the entire multifamily investment process.


For a small fee or percentage of your project we will act as a valuable partner that will advise and recommend solutions for issues that arise through the development process.

You will have access to our vast, knowledge, connections, and resources to help you complete your projects.


We are experts at entitlement and will entitle your piece of land as quickly and professionally as possible.

A property’s value will often double after entitlement is completed. 

Most cities around the country will require a formal application process. This can be tedious and expensive, depending on the city. Once a project is approved it is considered “entitled”.

The following are a few items that are typically required in order to entitle your land:

  • Plans must be drawn
  • Civil engineering
  • Traffic and environmental studies
  • Soil tests
  • Building elevations

Construction Management

Although we are not primarily a contracting firm, our extensive experience in successfully building multi-family projects positions us as knowledgeable advisors who can guide and support you throughout the entire development process. Our expertise and insights will prove invaluable as we offer valuable recommendations, ensure seamless coordination with contractors, and assist in making well-informed decisions at every stage of the project.

By leveraging our multifaceted background, we aim to be your trusted partner, dedicated to realizing the full potential of your multi-family development.

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Embark as a Capital Partner with STV and Unlock the Potential for Enduring Returns on Multifamily Assets.

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