Kyle Wilson

Construction Manager

Even while earning his degree in Construction Management from BYU, Kyle was engaged in developing construction businesses and collaborating with high-value clients, working first as an employee and later as president of a facilities management company specializing in remodels and maintenance of over a thousand rental units.

Upon graduating, he quickly became the outward-face for a top-three construction firm, handling preconstruction, information during construction, and the client walkthrough and turnover post-construction. After several years of this, Kyle chose to pivot his career; emphasizing new skills as a commercial project manager.

Having now managed a quarter billion dollars of construction, Kyle uses his expertise in planning, organization, and earnest, clear communication to empower clients from start to finish and beyond.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys doing Ninja Warrior, having competed on the hit TV show three times. He teaches ninja and other fitness classes to all ages. Kyle is the proud husband to Gaetana and dad of two amazing dancer girls.

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